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Facilitator, Negotiator, Writer and Legal Consultancy

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Technical Assistant, Policy and Government Relations

  •  Office of the Special Adviser on Federal Matters
  •  Jul 2019 - Present

Lead the development and building of stakeholder relationships with Government regulators, businesses, and non-governmental organizations at all levels.
Ensure that State Government’s engagement plans are aligned with the Federal Government’s strategic objectives.
Establish and maintain effective long-term relations with Governments and other external stakeholders at the appropriate levels.
Played a key role in the development of relationships between the State and Federal Government.
Monitor the regulatory and policy management environment in various MDAs in order to make timely interventions to preserve the State Government’s interest.
Provide advisory services on government relations and risk management to the State Government
Conduct detailed research and analysis on political, regulatory, and operational landscapes between the State Government and Federal Government to inform scouting and piloting decisions.
Produce written briefs with clear recommendations that will support decision-making on engagements between the State and Federal Government.
Enhance the effectiveness of the State Government’s collaboration efforts with the Federal Government and help manage risk and reputation by developing an integrated approach to engaging key actors in government and other stakeholders (private sector, developmental agencies, communities).
Identify opportunities and support business development programs and initiatives

Legislative Aide

  •  National Assembly (House of Representatives)
  •  Jun 2015 - May 2019

Carried out legislative research and analysis for the legislator.
Prepared legislative briefs, motion papers, arguments, and bill papers for the legislator.
Acted as a liaison between the legislator and various committees in order to prevent conflicting schedules and overlapping duties.
Functioned also as a liaison between the legislator and the various governmental agencies he is constitutionally empowered to exercise oversight functions over.
Prepared, monitored, and maintained correspondence for the legislator between constituents, governmental agencies, other legislators, and public officeholders.
Prepared and maintained the legislator’s schedule and itinerary.
Drafted motions, speeches, and opinions on emerging situations and events within the country.