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How promote your talent or skill

Do you have a talent or skill and you are not getting patronized as much as you want?

If your answer is yes, then this article was crafted for you in order to help you promote your talent or skill in Nigeria.

In this digital age where everything seems to be going online, one shouldn’t be left behind.

If you are still using the traditional means of one on one, sharing of business cards, phone calls etc., as ways to market your talent or skill, and it is working for you, kudos, but guess what, you are also missing out in so many people who are longing to use your services.

If you are one who is not using any means, all hope is not lost because we have put together a number of ways you can promote your talent or skill.

Seat back and let’s go through them one by one.


First thing to do in order to promote your talent or skill is to list the benefits people will derive from patronizing you

People overlook this step, think they know it so why should they put it to writing. It is very important you do this, because it will enable you visualize why your services are essential and it will make you think on more things you can do in packaging your services


There are people who are gifted with more than one talent or skill but depending on the circumstance, one talent or skill will be more required than the other(s). So you need to determine which is best needed based on the occasion and promote it


This has to do with packaging your services. Take for instance the following:

  • You are a website designer and you also have graphics design skills
  • You are a photographer with graphics design skills
  • You are a cook with event planning skills etc.

You will agree with me that these skills complement each other, so when marketing your services and someone needs one of your talent or skill, you can propose the other talent or skills to make your service more enticing and even add more money

Even though you do not have a complementary talent or skill, you can search for someone who does and the both of you can work together on a contract and commission basis. So while the person is marketing his/her services, he/she is also marketing yours and vice versa


A lot of people do not believe in attaching costs to their services for one reason or the other, but it is necessary.

When people are searching for the kind of service you render, they want to have an idea of how much it is, whether is for comparison or patronage purpose. So even if the cost of your service varies based on different criteria, you can simply indicate the minimum you charge for such service of package your services in plans which offer particular benefits.


This is very important and without it, you can be 90% certain that you WILL NOT get jobs you bid for. You can’t come to me saying you are a tailor and not show me clothes you have sewn.

You need to always update your portfolio with your latest works by listing and describing them as well as the clients you offered you services to, taking pictures and collecting testimonials

When it comes to marketing your talent or skill, you portfolio is your Curriculum Vitae and it is what attracts people to you


After all the above have been done, there are a number of ways you can promote your talent or skill, such as:


Skill/Service websites

You can use websites that offer you the opportunity to do so, like our website, Nigeria Skills. You need to ensure that you are as detailed as possible and you showcase works you have done because you will not be physically there when people are going through your profile. Therefore the more information you showcase the more likely you will be patronized

Social Media

Nowadays, people update their social media profiles with works they have done via pictures, slideshows, videos etc. These in turn engage viewers and increase trust and eventually, patronage.

If well done, friends, family members, colleagues and even people who you do not know can help share your works that will lead to more people knowing about your services



Depending on the number of years delivering your services, a website/blog will add to the professional perspective people have of your services.

With a website/blog you can showcase as many information you want about your services.

You can also write articles that will attract clients to your website/blog, just like this article we have put together for you

You also need to ensure your website/blog is attractive, user and mobile friendly and Search Engine Optimized.

You can check out this article, via the link below to know how to promote your services online

How to use online advertising effectively

Although this article has come to an end, the conversation still continues. Please do not hesitate to comment below, ask questions or contact us, any time.

Have a productive year


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