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Nigeria Skills – Freelance, Skill & Talent Website is a freelance and skills market website in Nigeria, where employers bring their ideas to life by getting connected with highly skilled individuals and professionals at extremely competitive rates.

We provide an avenue for individuals to display and sell their talents and skills, on a part-time basis, to the right people. With our Escrow System both parties involved in a project are secure in payment and delivery.

These talents and skills cut across a wide range such as artistry, fashion designing, artisans (e.g. plumbers, electricians etc.), writing, blogging, project management, website designing and development, programming, etc.

 How It Works


Benefits to Employers

  • Post Projects/Tasks for FREE and set a budget as well as timeframe
  • Receive notifications on bids
  • Received best prices from competitive bids by Skilled and Talented Freelancers
  • Search for highly Skilled and Talented Freelancers based on projects/tasks they have done, location, amount they charge and their ratings/recommendations
  • Monitor your project with our workspace feature by communicating with the freelancer.
  • Enjoy Secure payment with our escrow system, schedule payment flow and only pay for jobs you are satisfied in

Benefits to Freelancers

  • Showcase your Skills/Talents for FREE to get paid
  • Your qualification is your experience.
  • Bid for as many projects as you want for FREE, according to your Skills/Talents
  • You are sure to get paid based on how you work and on time
  • Be rated and recommended for good jobs
  • Get opportunities to advance in your Skills/Talents
  • A small percentage is charged only when you have completed a project. View the fee here


Author Since: January 5, 2021

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