Step 1 :

Confirm your account details are up to date (Go to Profile and fill in relevant fields)

Step 2:

Fill the form by verifying your Identity and your Address


  • High quality colour scan image or digital photo.
  • Must be currently valid (not expired).
  • Must include photo, signature, name and date of birth.
  • Must not be hand written.
  • Do not crop, adjust colours, or alter the image in any way.
  • Must be in English or of English character set
  • Name on ID must match the name entered in the Verification process.
  • Address must match the address in the ID in the Verification process. If address does not match, kindly contact us with the reason before attempting to verify.
  • Bank Statement can be statement sent by Bank via email but should have the name of applicant, name/logo of bank and bank address.

Please Note: Bank Statements are only needed for address verification and not to check applicant bank transactions. So transaction section is not required to be included. Just the Bank and Applicant details such as name, address and contact details are required.


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Your ID
(International passport, driver’s licence or any government-issued ID)

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