What to do if you don’t have a job in Nigeria?

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What to do if you don’t have a job in Nigeria?

We do not want to be bearers of bad news but only want you to face the facts of the economic situation in Nigeria and the world at large, which leads to the question, ‘What to do if you don’t have a job in Nigeria?

Currently, different countries in the world are having one economic crisis or the other resulting in mass laying off of workers, decline in currency exchange rate, migration, instable financial status etc.

There are a variety challenges facing the US which are indicated in the chart below, taken from US News

Also China is faced with a slow economy with reduction in imports and exports, reflecting weaker investment and manufacturing activities, whereby companies have closed down and workers are left jobless.

Nigeria, being our focus, is faced with a decline in currency exchange rate, at an average of N300/dollar, fall in oil prices and increase in the rate of unemployment, amongst others. This has resulted in the increase in price of goods and services.

People are in dire need of money in order to survive in the country and those who have lost their jobs are left to either apply for positions, which are tougher to get, start their own businesses or sadly, engage in criminal acts. While those who have no formal education a left wanting.

Hence the question, ‘What to do in this situation?’

We are left to fend for ourselves and fall back on businesses, skills, talents etc. so that we are not idle and have means of generating income for ourselves, pending when another job opportunity comes our way or we are able to grow whatever businesses we are engaged in or develop on our skills and talents to the extent that we are able to earn income from services we render.

It is surprising to note that despite the problems in the country, there are a lot of opportunities available, which depends on how we see things. We need to realise that there will be no need for solutions if there are not problems and there will be no opportunities, if there are no solutions to render. Hence, the more problems in Nigeria, the more opportunities available to solve the problems but these opportunities can only be gotten if you look in the right places, according to the skill or talent you have.

We have gotten to the era where those who have professional certifications in diverse fields of study and putting them aside, rolling up their sleeves and focusing on their skills and talents because what drives them is no longer what they get in a white collar job but their passion in their skills and talents. They eventually become entrepreneurs, business people, celebrities etc. and are in positions to generate employment opportunities.

There are those have skills and talents and do not know what to do, how to get people to patronise them and how to develop their skills and talents. Accordingly, as a way to help people get job opportunities, on a part time basis, with or without formal education or certification but mainly on expertise and experience, we have developed Nigeria Skills, an Online freelance, Skill and Talent Market Place in Nigeria for people to showcase their skills and talents, which will be promoted for free through social media platforms.

It is a website where employers bring their ideas to life by getting connected with highly skilled individuals and professionals.

With our Escrow System both parties involved in a project are secure in payment and delivery.

These talents and skills cut across a wide range such as artistry, fashion designing, artisans (e.g. plumbers, electricians etc.), writing, blogging, project management, website designing and development, programming, etc.

We are also putting things in place to enable people develop their skills and talents through programmes and trainings that will be made available.

So what are you waiting for?


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